Thursday #1

AJS Photography May 2nd 4

Finally we get to the first Thursday! On this afternoon, I enjoyed the Autumn leaves (which you’ve seen a few in the last posts), ice cream and catching up with family and friends. I met Mum & my godmother Libby in Lygon Street for the best ice cream in all of Melbourne, at Casa del Gelato. After, I met Cat and had lovely chats while eating frozen yoghurt. Then we found Courtney and wandered around, meeting Maree for Dumplings. The evening ended with seeing Driving Miss Daisy with my parents – I saw Mrs Potts & Darth Vader!

AJS Photography May-2nd 4 AJS Photography May-2nd 3 AJS Photography May-2nd 1cuddles 2 AJS Photography May 2nd 3 AJS Photography May-2nd 5 AJS Photography May 2nd 2 AJS Photography May-2nd 2cuddles 1

Casa Del Gelato on Urbanspoon

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